Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recorded 2/6/14


It's snowing...again.  The kids have been out of school for snow days and delays....again.  We discuss Groundhog's Day (the movie) and talk about upcoming retreat opportunities.

Life with Kids

We share some thoughts on a great article we both read this week about the power of words within a family and how to fight negative speech patterns.

Shoutouts and Feedback

We had a great listener email this week and we share part of that email with our audience.  Thank you again to all of our loyal listeners and subscribers!

Food for the Journey

Angie shares an amazing quote from Mother Teresa.


Ann Voskamp - A Holy Experience

Presentation Ministries

Confidence, Courage, and Commitment: The Lay Vocation in the Secular World (Discipleship Retreat)

Maria Stein Shrine (Minster, Ohio)

Mother's Retreat @ Maria Stein

Groundhog's Day (movie)

"Embracing Life's Irritations: The True Path to Happiness" @ Integrated Catholic Life

"Word Power: How to Make Your Speech a Blessing" @ Word Among Us

Ideas on Prayer Journaling @ Catholic Mom

Quote from Mother Teresa "Do It Anyway"



  1. I was "the friend"! And yes, our 5 minute chat wasn't long enough! I'd love to hang out on your podcast (although I hate the sound of my recorded voice)!

  2. Yes you were! We'd love to have you on the podcast. If I see you this week, let's make plans. ;-)


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