Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recorded 2/13/14

Angie and Marianne introduce their second guest, their good friend Liz, and the three talk about Valentine's Day and chat about the comedian Jim Gaffigan.

Life with Kids
We talk with our guest about her thoughts on motherhood, convesion, and being open to life.

Shoutouts and Feedback
Marianne shares some interesting facts about how the stats on Libsyn reveal how widespread the listening audience is.  Hello, Cork, Ireland!

Food for the Journey
The moms are serving up a little southern fried Food for the Journey this week, courtesy of Flannery O'Connor.


Jim Gaffigan's standup act on Hot Pockets

Jim Gaffigan's book, Dad is Fat

CBS interview with Jim Gaffigan

Why Being a Mom is Enough by Rachel Marie Martin

Parenting with Grace by Gregory and Lisa Popcak




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